1 Apr 2019

UK Government’s strategic supplier relationship management programme - A great success

The UK Government's strategic  supplier relationship management (SSRM) programme has been judged a great success, by a very favourable internal audit report - an outcome in which we take great pride. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those from the UK Government who have worked with us on this project and wish them every success as they now move in to Wave 2 of this important initiative, to roll out SSRM across another five departments.

State of Flux and 2020 Delivery will shortly be bringing support for Wave 1 of UK Government’s SSRM programme to a successful conclusion. We have worked in partnership with the Cabinet Office and five central government departments over the last 15 months to develop an effective methodology, build capability and roll out SSRM.

Notable achievements include:

  • SSRM implemented with a range of Government’s most critical suppliers
  • A wide range of concrete value-release work streams set up to deliver significant financial and non-financial benefits over the coming months
  • Insightful Voice of the Supplier studies completed
  • Detailed 360° relationship assessments completed along with pivotal collaborative workshops
  • The Cabinet Office SSRM guidance has been upgraded and is in place as the Government-wide standard
  • Cabinet Office are also implementing State of Flux’s supplier management platform ‘Statess’, to manage the most strategic contracts across the UK Government 
We believe the first wave has helped prove the value of public sector SSRM, and look forward to delivering similar benefits for other central and local government partners worldwide.

For further information on strategic supplier relationship management in the public sector, please contact us at enquiries@stateofflux.co.uk.