The Rise of Ghosting Suppliers

Why you should never ghost suppliers

Influence of Ukraine on Supply Chains and Supplier Management

In one swift move, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted European supply chains and the repercussions are expected to be felt across global networks.

The assault on the country means supply chains that depend on it for the production of everything from food, to chemicals, metals and gas; as well as those who rely on supplies coming out of Russia, are set to be affected.

And, without supply chain mapping, companies might not even know it yet.

The skills and behaviours needed to produce sustained value

Successful supplier management occurs when both sides work together for mutual benefit. As the best performing procurement functions know, it is not about something that’s done to suppliers, but instead relies on true collaboration between both parties.

Why greenwash won't wash...

The term 'greenwash' can be traced back to the 1980s, but the practice of it - companies conveying a false impression of their environmental efforts - existed long before.

Four steps to create true and sustainable commercial value from Supplier Management

After winning the buy-in of the business for your plans, you need to find ways to achieve the results you pitched

State of Flux announces the opening of new office in New Zealand

Understanding the C-level challenge to unlock the commercial value of Supplier Management

Procurement leaders should ensure their business case for supplier management goes beyond the financial benefits that can be achieved.

The soft skills that hold the key to commercial value

Over the 12 years that State of Flux has been conducting research into supplier management best practices, the theme of ‘people and skills’ has continued to demonstrate that the behavioural side of SRM far outweighs technical skills when it comes to delivering real commercial value. Add to this that our most recent 2020 research shows that just 17% of organisations have conducted an SRM capability assessment, and we have real cause for concern. The result is that the majority of organisations have no evidence based view that their people are actually equipped with the behaviours that build collaborative supplier relationships.

State of Flux welcomes Louise Whyte and Steven Nieri

State of Flux is delighted to announce two new hires in the US and EMEA businesses. Steven Nieri and Louise Whyte both bring with them extensive experience of procurement transformation and procurement cost reduction which add to our core strengths in supplier management.

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